The Effects Of Media On Women And Their Self Esteem

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20% of girls around age 4 want to lose weight while over 40% of girls around age 14 report wanting to lose weight (Serdar, 2014). Men all over the world are being harshly effected by masculine ideology (Ward, Merriwether, & Caruthers, 2006). Advertisements have reached a point that would be considered porn fifty or some years ago. Today, there are 1,848,485 pregnancies to unmarried women and 72.6% of these pregnancies are completely unplanned (Curtin, Ventura, & Martinez, 2014). Now, why is all of this occurring and how is it related? Media is negatively effect women and their self-esteem while posing a ridiculous masculine ideology for men; throughout time, these facts become extremes which results the demeaning of women, the emasculation of men, and ultimately, an increase in unplanned pregnancies. Media portrays an unrealistic, unattainable image of women that is considered to be perfection. The ideal woman presented in most advertisements, magazines, etc., is usually tall, white, extremely thin with a curvy body, and long blonde hair (Serdar, 2014). An increasingly small amount of women actually fit the criteria that is thought to be ideal; however, women are repeatedly told that they are not attractive unless they fit this unrealistic ideal of perfection. This viscous cycle has resulted in 3-10% of girls between ages 15 and 29 being considered to be bulimic because they want to fit this unattainable body type so badly. In reality, most models pictured in…
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