The Effects Of Media On Women 's Self Esteem

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In this paper, I will argue that the media portrays one image of beauty and this has a damaging effect on women’s mental health, resulting in low self esteem and further deepening gender inequality within our society. I will argue this by discussing the effect media has on women’s self esteem, how the media promotes a patriarchal society and the stereotypes it presents to the public. Finally, I will discuss the sexual objectification of women presented in the media and later examine how individuals have taken this matter into their own hands, and are using social media to create positive change. The media promotes low self esteem among women because it presents one image of beauty, one that women can not live up to. This causes harm to women’s mental health as they are being compared to a standard of beauty that is simply unattainable. “Body image develops partly as a function of culture in response to cultural aesthetic ideals” (Kim and Lennon 3). The media uses photoshop, airbrushes imperfections, and depicts slim, middle to upper class, white women as an ideal standard of beauty for all women. “The current standard of attractiveness for women portrayed in the media is slimmer than it has been in the past to the point of being unattainable by most women ... Unattainable media images influence women’s satisfaction with their bodies ... because women compare their bodies with these images ... Such comparisons may cause depression, anger, body image disturbance..., and low
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