The Effects Of Media On Young Children

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Observational Learning & the Young Child
Luciana D. Lavilaire
Florida International University
Prof. Marie Daurel - P. 1

Abstract This paper intends to bring awareness to the harmful effects of the media on young children. Through this paper, I will investigate the claim that television promotes observational learning. I will describe the obscenities the media exposes to children. With that, I will explain how the media causes aggression in consumers, especially those of youth. This paper will also expound on the powerful effect modeling has on behavior. I will provide extensive examples of the impact of the media using multiple sources.

Observational Learning & the Young Child Observational learning can be best defined as learning that occurs through observing the behavior of others. It occurs from observing, retaining, and reproducing a behavior observed from a model. In order for observational learning to occur, the observer must regard an action, memorize what was observed, be able to replicate the behavior, and be motivated to yield the particular behavior. According to Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior, by observing a model, a person may learn a new response, learn to carry out or avoid previously learned responses, or learn a general rule that can be applied to various situations (Coon & Mitterer, p. 231). Observational learning can teach completely new behaviors or can affect the frequency of previously learned…
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