The Effects Of Media Violence On An Individuals Perception Of The World

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It is nearly impossible to imply that violence in the media does not have an affect on an individuals perception of the world, however, to what degree it can actually influence an individuals behavior is the real question needed to be answered. According to Douglas Gentile his research demonstrates that there are six risk factors that can be used to help determine the possibility of predicting if an individual will demonstrate violent behavior later in life. According to Gentile, in a study he recently published he stated, “…Media exposure as 1 of the 6 risk factors for predicting later aggression in 430 children (aged 7 to 11, grades 3 to 5) from Minnesota schools. Besides media violence, the remaining risk factors are bias toward hostility, low parental involvement, participant sex, physical victimization, and prior physical fights” (As cited in Kaplan, Para. 26). As a child, I grew up in a technology age with two brothers, both of whom were heavily involved with violent video games, while I was more consumed with watching movies, which included violence at points. My younger brother and I lived a relatively normal life, where as my older brother, the one whom was most consumed with video games had been mentally and physically victimized through out his childhood due to a hearing disorder. My parents had been very involved in our lives though, continuously concerned about my brothers aggressive behaviors. Children had persistently made fun of his disability, which I…
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