The Effects Of Media Violence On Behavioral Violence

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The Effects of Media Violence on Behavioral Violence in Young Adults in America The influence of mass media has progressively increased in American society, but can the media have effects beyond mere entertainment and impartial information? American culture has become saturated with online news reports, social media, and media entertainment. Technology has become a major factor in America’s social environment. Much of the information gained from digital sources involves or portrays violence, and many social scientists have concluded that exposure to these portrayals may influence some individuals to behave violently. There is evidence that consistent exposure to violence can lead audience members to accept violence as normative, and adopt the behavior into their own lives (Surette, 2013, p. 393). However, researchers have also shown that the media is only one factor in behavior, and that it may not be the cause of violence (Black et al., 2016, p. 197). Other researchers support the theory that the benefit of using the media to fight violence outweighs any negative effect from it (Flexon, 2009, p. 608). Understanding violence is a complex, multi-faceted process, and all of these viewpoints must be acknowledged in order to understand the relationship between violent behavior in the media and violent behavior in individuals. Introduction to Violence Violence is usually thought of as an aggressive act, but it involves more than just physical action. Violence is a “physical
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