The Effects Of Media Violence On Children

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For many years now, the media has been a big part of our lives. Almost everybody in the world is or has connected to it one way or another. It is a way for families and friends to have fun together, for interesting topics that people are interested in, or to just enjoy alone. However, there is a problem that can be seen across all types of media: violence. Violence can be seen as a distraught way to get over problems. There is judgement issues involved for violence. It is done by bullies in school, adults at a bar, gangs on the streets, but there is no greater effect on children, pertaining to violence, than the media. It is very destructive and could harm the youth in a mental way. Children are exposed to massive amounts of depictions of violence in many forms of media, and have become desensitized and more aggressive; therefore an effort should be made to teach children about empathy. Media can be traced back to ancient times with literature, but more advanced types of media emerged within the nineteenth and twentieth century. This includes the invention of movies and television. Going more along the timeline, the invention and rising popularity of video games in the 1970s and 1980s is seen as well. Violence has been included in all of these media forms, whether it be mild or severe. “For more than five decades, Americans have been concerned about the frequent depiction of violence in the mass media and the harm these portrayals might do to the youth” (Anderson
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