The Effects Of Melting Glaciers On Canada 's Coastline Essay

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1.0 INTRODUCTION This problem could mark either the end of human civilizations or mark the beginning of the next era of human development. It would decide on our species survival, whether there will be another mass extinction like the one 65 million years ago. The question is “How might the breaking up and melting of continental ice in Greenland and the Antarctic affect Canada’s coastline?”. In the following sections, we have gathered an abundance of information from a variety of sources from which we will discuss, and analyze. We will find out how this data can help us understand the effect of melting glaciers on Canada’s coastline, as well as how and what we could do to stop or slow it down. 2.0 ISSUE OVERVIEW The breaking of continental ice from Greenland and the Antarctic has been slowly breaking off and melting for a long time. The continental ice which has broken off melts faster and faster as it drifts towards the equator, eventually deposing all the fresh water ice into the ocean. This process, which would slowly drown the coastlines of the entire world, including Canada, is very dangerous for the survival of human civilizations. Due to Canada’s larger and more exposed urban coastal regions, it will suffer a harder blow than most other countries. Islands like Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia will be hit particularly hard, losing a lot of its farmland and coastal towns due to the melting and breaking off of continental ice. The continental ice

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