The Effects Of Mental Health Counseling On Children Essay

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Mental health counseling can be an important and useful tool in overcoming obstacles in life. The loss of a loved one, dissatisfaction in a career, anxiety in social situations, and the misuse and abuse of substances are all reasons someone may seek professional help from a clinician. The problem with these examples is that these are mostly “adult” issues. What happens is a child is suffering with anxiety in the classroom or a sadness they can’t shake? Children and adolescents are often thought to be carefree and absent of worry. Parents and other adults in their lives try to filter the negativity they experience. Cushioning them from a world of pressure so they don’t have to experience the weight adulthood places on individuals. Just because adults try to prevent it does not mean children do not feel it. Late childhood and adolescent anxiety disorders are an issue. Communicating the problem and understanding what the adolescent is going through is the first step. Once the anxiety has been put on the table, and intervention needs to be established. There are many forms of therapy for children and adolescents suffering from anxiety but this paper will cover only a few important practices. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, both online in clinically, Attention Bias Modification, Pharmacotherapy, and some alternative methods have all been found to be effective in their own way. Dependent on the client, each of these therapeutic methods can be used to help alleviate the symptoms
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