The Effects Of Migration On Higher Educational Aspirations

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If one were to evaluate the impact of immigration, it can be said that it alters the way in which one interprets a certain culture or idea. Immigration can shape the way parents see the future of their child, specifically their academic and career aspirations. The parents may hold different expectations for their children, in terms of their desire for a better future for their children. However, it can also affect the manner in which the child accomplishes these goals. In this paper, I will examine the effects of migration on higher educational aspirations for the children of immigrants, because it is important to note how the migrant’s experience influences the desires for their children. I will focus on the three reasons that can influence their aspirations: motivations for migration, expectations for children and academic performance of the children. I argue that to fully understand how migration affects educational aspirations, it is necessary to focus on the reasons that migration was made possible for Latina migrant womens, considering the economic and political histories of Latin America and the United States. It is also important to note what the educational aspirations are, and to consider the academic performances of the children of migrant workers, to see whether or not they are living up to these expectations. Results demonstrate that the outcomes can be mixed, as some children may live up to the aspirations while others are held back due to
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