The Effects Of Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

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The Effect of Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries on Physical and Cognitive Function
Jessica Halme
Clark College

Author Note
This paper was written for Psychology 100, taught by Professor Fielding
Concussions, classified as a mild traumatic brain injury, are a growing problem in the United States. Research is being done to determine immediate, short-term, and long-term effects as well as the most effective way to treat concussions and the best way to prevent them. The general population is learning more about concussions as more information becomes available. This is especially important because the spread of knowledge of concussions is crucial in preventing and treating concussions. It is important that people
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This does not mean that they are any less significant or dangerous. Concussions typically do not involve any apparent damage to the face, head, or skull. Often the damage to the brain is so small that it cannot be seen on an MRI or CAT scan. This can cause a concussion to go unnoticed, which is extremely dangerous because an undiagnosed concussion can lead to mental retardation or even death. It is crucial that we understand and recognize the symptoms and effects of mild traumatic brain injuries, in order to treat and prevent them from occurring.
What is a Concussion? A concussion is “a clinical syndrome characterized by immediate and transient alteration of brain function, including alteration of mental status and level of consciousness, resulting from mechanical force or trauma” (American Association of Neurological Surgeons). Concussions are commonly seen in sports injuries in children and adolescents, but can also occur from falls, motor vehicle accidents, physical assault, and recreational injuries. In a concussion, a blow to the head or violent shaking causes the brain to twist or bump up against the skull. The force of the brain hitting the skull may tear blood vessels, pull, squeeze, stretch, or tear nerve fibers and neural cells, and bruise the brain (Brain Injury Association). This causes disruptions in brain processing and in turn all the symptoms associated with
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