The Effects Of Military Involvement On U.s.

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Introduction Since the need has been established to justly acknowledge the requisite to take into account preparations and responses to hazards and the correlational effects, the realization of governmental assistance became apparent. Due to the ever demanding scenarios, and the requirement of specialized skill and personnel, the United States Military would ultimately play a role during such occurrences on United States soil. Although there are Federal, State, and local authorities whom have a primary purpose of planning for such events, the need of additional assistance during certain situations is inevitable. Until certain pieces of legislation were formed, the authorized scope of military involvement on U.S. soil in a post disaster area was somewhat obscure. Situations as such created issues regarding personnel, equipment, regulation, and the ever present issue of monetary cost and reimbursement. Once FEMA was legally formed into a federal entity, these issues could be more accurately accounted for with such pieces of legislation and regulations as the Stafford Act, the Immediate Response Authority, Defense Support to Civil Authorities, and although put into law decades before the previously noted, the Posse Comitatus Act. All of these alterations were tested out in the field, ultimately showing several complications and alterations that were necessary to respond and recover in a more effective manner. Although controversy exists, generally Military assistance comes
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