The Effects Of Milk On The Human Body And Will Provide Evidence That Cow Milk

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April – May 2015, 10 people hospitalized, 3 dead, infected with strains of Listeria Monocytogenes due to a failure to manufacture and package foods under proper conditions and controls which are necessary to minimize the growth of microorganisms and contamination. This outbreak spread across four states and has been linked to ice cream made in Blue Bell Creameries. This essay will analyze the effects that milk have on the human body and will provide evidence that cow’s milk does not “do a body good” as the advertising world would lead a person to believe. The average American child drinks two or three glasses of milk per day as recommended by most health professionals. The prevailing perception in America is that dairy cows are healthy animals raised on farms that are focused on animal welfare and organic feeding practices, for the purposes of producing high quality milk for young cows and humans. Farmers harvest the milk product, using only the safest techniques, to supply supermarkets with milk. All this is done so that people may enjoy the health benefits from its nutrients, thus living strong healthy lives. Unfortunately, that perception is wrong. Furthermore, cow’s milk can contain harmful bacteria, as well as, a surplus of undesirable additives. Accordingly, milk should be considered the world 's most over-rated source of nutrients. In the business of dairy farming, there are two key drivers: quality of milk and the health of the cows. On large, industrialized dairy
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