The Effects Of Mining On Air Quality

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Mining industry has been a relevant player in the energy sector and has been a necessity for nations to have sufficient and dependable supplies of minerals. This is because mining sector is a key player to meet the economic and defense needs of the country at acceptable environmental, energy and economic costs. The focus of this essay will be the affects of mining on air quality. Particulate matter is released in surface mining when overburden is stripped subjecting soil to weather, causing particles to become air borne through road traffic and wind erosion.

Particulate emissions are a problem in all form of mining. Mineral dust is a major component of the particulate emissions and is hazardous to human health, the environment, working conditions as well as productivity of the mine. Dust is a term to describe the reasonable particles that are suspended in the air. Particulates associated with the mining activities occur as result of the disruption of fine particles that are originated from soil or rock. The particle size of the dust is an important factor as many dust properties depend on it and it is defined by the diameter of the particle. The environmental impacts of dust are usually due to both airborne and non-airborne particulate matter. Solid material is broken into smaller fragments by mechanical processes which causes generated dust. The classification of different types of dust is given below in respect to environmental, occupational health and…
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