The Effects Of Modern Mass Culture On Modern Society

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Advertising is one of the most common types of social communication and an integral element of modern mass culture. It was the product of the development of market-oriented economic culture production methods, gradually, as the development of information technology in the process of historical evolution, becoming one of the most important social institutions of modern society. The study of nonverbal communication was engaged by scholars such as A. Pease, E. Hall, R. Berdvistell, G. Wilson, M. L. Knapp. Advertising is one of the channels of social communication. The system of social communication provides not only the preservation and rebroadcast achievements of culture and cultural norms and everyday practices, but it is also a crucial part of the process of inculturation personality which is essential to the processes of social development as a whole. An important event in the evolution of modern mass culture was the so-called “visual turn” resulting from the multimedia revolution of XX-XXI centuries.This revolution led to the dominance of visual cultural forms, including outdoor advertising as a mass phenomenon culture. With the growth of technological innovations in the world for basic communication techniques and processes it is significant to realise how a switch from face-to-face communication as the principal intends of communication to CMC (Computer Mediated Communication) would influence our global society (Plumb 2014). Non-verbal communication is a collection of
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