The Effects Of Modern Media On Us

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Everything in our society impacts us in one way or another; these influences can either be positive or negative. For example, when we see something good happen to others around us we tend to be in a happier mood and when something tragic happens to our country, such as what happened in 9/11, we can’t help but mourn. We never notice how the small things in life could influence us in big ways. We never would notice that things like modern media, such as television, ads, and the internet would impact us in ways we never thought about. Modern media affects us not only on how we think, but it also has a part in what we do. Media is all around us; it is part of our everyday lives. Whether we are at school, work, doctors’ appointments, media is…show more content…
Parents should tell their kids that reality TV may appear to be "reality" however, most of the time it is just an exaggeration of our world and everyday situations. This will help in a big way of showing the line between reality and reality TV. Even everyday films are influencing minds by simply showing violence on the screen. As much as Hollywood can deny that violence doesn’t impact their audience, they are wrong. Simple videos or movies can impact one’s mind if it is not explained right. According to Tomorrows World Magazine researcher James Hamilton, the author of Channeling Violence: The Economic Market for Violent Television Programming had said “large literatures exist on the impact of television violence on society... the laboratory evidence firmly establishes that violence on television causes children to be more aggressive… children learn scripts of behavior from television that lead then to be violent later in life.” Due to this we are practically witnessing terrible results of misguided thinking, as the magazine also states that “when television films on teenage suicide were aired, researchers noted a significant increase in the number of teen suicide attempts.” Another impact media tends to have is providing stereotypical views of one’s image. We 've seen ads, and television depict women as they glorify their beauty and thinness. This often gives the impression that a women and her
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