The Effects Of Monopolies On The Economy Essay

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Monopolies People have been doing anything in their power to gain money. Many think they are leading the competition with doing nothing wrong. Others see it as unfair to do the things that monopolies have done to society. Lawsuits have been made to stop the ones behind this, but some monopolies weren’t always out to hurt the economy, but to help it. Monopolies have impacted this economy in the past and even to this day. Way back in 1932, Charles todd and his wife decided to introduce a new game to some fellow friends. It was a real estate board game. They sat around playing the game by rolling the dice and buy properties. The couple liked it so much that they asked Charles if he would make them their own set to play with. Charles began to show more and more people the game, and then began applying more and more rules to it. Many began to ask the name of the game, and where it came from. They also asked about the rules, who had come up with them. Charles had no answer for them. Where it did start was in 1903 from woman named Elizabeth Magie that lived in Washington DC. She spent many late nights trying to come up with a perfect board game. The main idea she a was going for was a game that represented current day 's political problems. Drawing after drawing she finally had the game. Elizabeth spoke to the public about her game. The game included buying and selling railways, houses, hotels, paying taxes, collecting annual income, and if you trespassed on someone 's land you
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