The Effects Of Muscular Dysmorphia On Adolescents

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Muscular Dysmorphia in Adolescents Body image disorders which can be very serious severe conditions are often considered to mostly affect women, men, however can also suffer from Body image issues. In men, a body image disorder typically presents itself as Muscular Dysmorphia. Men who are suffering from Muscular Dysmorphia often resort to hazardous ways to gain more muscle, such as over-exercising unhealthy amounts and steroids. Treatment for Muscular Dysmorphia frequently includes prescription anti-depressants. While effective, prescription drugs create a dilemma for a high school guidance counselor who may face ethical barriers in recommending a potentially harmful medication to minors. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or CBT), has shown promise as an effective non-pharmaceutical treatment for body image disorders, and has been used in the school setting for years. Case Review In Case #5, a guidance counselor in an urban school is concerned some of the boys may be having a body image issue. They work out excessively, take expensive supplements and are overly-concerned with nutrition. Most importantly, the muscle building regimen these boys are following seem to be interfering with their both school and personal lives. The counselor is worried for the boys’ mental well-being as well as their physical health. Especially with one boy in particular who seems to be engaging in illegal use of anabolic steroids. Muscle Dysmorphia is a type of Body Dysmorphic Disorder that is
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