The Effects Of Music In Hannibal

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Jack Crawford, portrayed by Laurence Fishburne, is the head of the FBI Behavioural Science Unit. He is married, but childless. Crawford is a clear alpha male who demands respects. He views himself as the top authority and he wants people to know this. His dominant side is shown in his initial meeting with Will where he demands eye contact, despite Will avoiding it. As Jack goes to see Hannibal he tries the dominant act again, but Hannibal challenges him by making him wait. As soon as Jack shows respect, he receives the same respect back. Throughout the series, Jack is one of the more naïve characters. He never knows as much as Hannibal and Will, but he still tries his best and his heart is definitely in the right place.
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Hannibal even has its own composer responsible for all this. There are very few scenes without music, but the music is not always dominant enough for the viewer to note it. In many instances, it complements the story so well that one completely forgets that the music is there. This happens because we do not sense simple tones or sounds, the tones and sounds become a part of a bigger perception. The music in Hannibal is mostly used to build suspense. Movies and series has a tendency to use similar sounds to illustrate similar feelings. That way, the viewer associates certain music with certain feelings. By using music in the background, it builds suspense and the viewers find themselves engrossed by it, even though one does not pay attention to it. While sound effects play a large role, music might play an even larger role. The series is known for using a wide range of classical music, including pieces from famous composers such as Chopin and Bach. In some scenes, this music is used to further understand the character Hannibal Lecter. Classical music helps build up a perception of a courteous gentleman. In other scenes, it acts surprisingly, challenging the viewer’s previous experience. One example of this is the fighting scene between Hannibal and Jack in the episode Contorno. During fights, one normally hears the characters’ groans of pain and the sound of people hitting each other. During this scene, beautiful classical music was played. This is so different from what one normally hears that one cannot help but notice

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