The Effects Of Music On African Music

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Music has been around for a very long time. Especially African Music. Throughout many centuries, African music has changed. Just like any music today, the beat, the style, and even the dances have always been different and changing in Africa. There are many forms of African music that we think we may know but we don’t. Traditional music for us might be any song we play during certain holidays or special gatherings and then continuing that throughout the years. Unlike in Africa, their form of traditional music is very different. African music back then when written, was associated with specific ethnic groups. An original artist, focused his style on items that were very creative. The main source they used to write a song was based on archeological items and other human nature things as well. They were very intrigued and used photographic paintings on items such as rocks, many books and other picture motions to get inspired. This is how any original artist got his or her idea and based its song on daily life items. (1. "African Music.")
Like many other historical things, African music has been written, and re written for another vocalist to interpret them. This has been going on for so many generations that have been found through written excerpts found in journals of western explorers. Many of these writings were based on frameworks and different biographies under diverse categories. It is very fascinating how this type of music affects and influences the discussion of…
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