The Effects Of Music On Anxiety And Depressed Patients Essay

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THE EFFECTS OF MUSIC TO ANXIETY AND DEPRESSED PATIENTS OGABA ANITA BAIYERE PRECIOUS MODUPE AJISAFE (not involved yet) IZE ANUMA ABSTRACT The goal of the study is to examine the effects of music to anxiety and depressed patients. Music has been a therapeutic treatment used for a long time. Percentages of people who are aware and use this complementary medicine are on a low range. Depression is a state of measuring low mood and apathy (especially to his day to day activities). Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling, a dread over a future event. This study presents the effect of music on the brain and on depression and anxiety. METHODS OF FINDING Journal and articles on the effect of music of anxiety and depressed patients were reviewed. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES -To investigate the effect of music on anxiety and depressed patients -To investigate the link between music and emotions - To investigate the pathway music uses in the brain INTRODUCTION A person in one’s lifetime has felt anxious or depressed at a time due to difficult situations, and this is a normal reaction to life stressors. But these feelings are experienced by some people daily or nearly daily with no reasons, and this makes it difficult for them to carry out normal daily functioning. Anxiety disorder, depression, or both can be noted in such people. Depression and anxiety disorders are different, but both often exhibit similar symptoms such as nervousness, irritability, and problems sleeping and concentrating.
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