The Effects Of Music On Our Country Today

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Music in today’s day and age has the ability to be a very pervasive form of media. There is an indisputable truth that media has the ability to effect the masses. But, the effect of music and the message it is sends to its listeners is not always a positive one. I am aiming to describe how sexism in music is an epidemic in our country today. I’ll also be comparing and contrasting different music genres, to see if certain types of music are better or worse than others. A common phrase in media and advertising is “Sex Sells”, but at what cost?
Before examining sexism in the different genres, I’d like to take an in depth look at the visual side of the music industry. Music is an auditory medium, but there is an obvious visual side to its market as well. Music videos became popular back in the early 80’s thanks to MTV. Steven A. Seidman wrote an article titled “Profile: An investigation of sex‐role stereotyping in music videos”, in which he conducted a study, and discovered that male characters were portrayed as adventuresome, domineering, aggressive, violent, and victimize, while females were depicted as affectionate, dependent, nurturing, and fearful than males. He also found that a large percentage of female characters wore revealing clothing and that they initiated and received sexual advances more often than males. (Seidman) What type of message does this send to the general public? And how does this portrayal influence individuals? Another study aiming to answer
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