The Effects Of Music On Our Lives

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Music is an extremely important factor in our lives. In today’s society, walking into a store and hearing a pop song that you know all the lyrics to is a very common occurrence. If I were on a stranded island, I would bring the album Born To Die by Lana Del Rey. Some songs or albums evoke certain types of emotions whether through the utilization of lyrics, instrumentations, or beats. These emotions can elicit different types of moods as well; and we often come by songs can put us in the mood to do different kinds of things like cooking, sleeping, studying, spending time with friends, or anything else. I don’t think that Born To Die is my absolute favorite album, but I do think that it would keep me from going insane on this stranded island.
Lana Del Rey has a mesmerizing, haunting, and vivacious voice when she sings, so it is no surprise that I would have no problem hearing her on repeat on a stranded island. Her voice is a very distinct and hard to forget voice as, which makes Born To Die a much more emotional album. She is considered to be an Indie Pop artist, as she has a very eccentric and eclectic feel to most of her music. The album is filled with harps and symphonic elements like violins, violas and cellos. “Born to Die” contains steady drums and electronic guitar beats. However, “Blue Jeans” incorporates western guitars that give it a string instrument vibe. Many of the songs on Born To Die have to do with boosting self-confidence and self-esteem, often targeting
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