The Effects Of Music On Our Lives

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Media takes all forms of shapes, from video games to music it influences people daily because we are always surrounded by it. Music especially impacts individuals because in a lot of ways it can say what we want to say in times when we as individuals cannot say it. In those times we lean on music to help us understand the hardship we are going through, or as a mechanism to face our feelings or to block them out. Interpersonal violence which is defined as an individual using power over another in the form of violence whether that be emotional, physical, or sexual. With the many forms of interpersonal violence it’s apparent that it has been expressed in the form of music for quite a while, and sometimes not always in a preventative way. By…show more content…
When looking at the song Concrete Angel, it is apparent from the very first verse that this song addresses child abuse, however the song tells a story about child abuse, and that and the way it was lyrically written is why it was chosen as an example. When looking at this example, the lyrics speak to the child abuse by talking about a little girl going to school wearing the same clothes, and hiding her bruises. Then it speaks about neighbors ignoring the crying, and then it being too late the next morning. In the end the child that is being abused is with her angels, meaning that the abused turned out to be fatal. Therefore this song is almost in the middle in regards to sending a preventative message, because it explains what can happen when people ignore obvious signs of abuse, but then again the message that it should not have happened in the first place is not there. If they included a verse about what the outsiders seeing the abuse should have done then the song could have been seen as more preventative in regards to the child abuse. The second song which is similar to Concrete’s Angel is the song Alyssa Lies by Jason Carroll, this song was chosen because it shows that children who are friends with children are abused, will notice these things and want to help. This song once again conveys the message about child abuse that if you do not seek help, or ask for help from someone else in the beginning that it can be too late. The song addresses the fact
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