The Effects Of Music On People 's Mood

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Listening to music can be an influence on people’s mood. Sad music is able to make someone cry whereas happy music does the opposite. Music can be defined as sound of vocal, instruments or combined to form harmony and expression of emotion (Jackson, 2003). And also it can be classified into two categories ; arousing and calm music. Arousing music is usually fast, rhythmic, or give a sudden loud sound. However,calming music is usually slower, with a smooth melody, and not too rhythmic (Ball, 2010). Research has proven that music is not only one form of entertainment, but also is beneficial to a number of health including developing baby 's’ brain and memory, lowering stress levels, improving sleep quality, raising states of
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Therefore, the hypothesis was supported in this study. However, the results were not significant because there was only a slight change in heart rate; other extraneous variables such as movement of participants would have caused it easily . The reason that results support the hypothesis is several studies also show that when participants listen to arousing music, their breathing pattern and heart rate will become rapid involuntarily. This is more obvious when observing trained musicians as their breathing pattern and heart rate tends to synchronize with the rhythm of the music (Maqlione, 2006). Arousing music has the effect of tensing muscles and high blood pressure because louder and faster noises tend to raise both heart rate and blood pressure. In contrast, the rhythm of calm music can guide the body into slower respiration and relaxation of muscles, lowering the heart rate(Turner & Frey, 2005). The findings of this investigation can be applied in the real world such as the medical field, calming music can be a therapy to reduce people’s stress. Studies have shown that cardiovascular patients listening to calming music for 30 minutes had lower blood pressure, slower heart rates and less distress than those who did not listen to music. In comparison, listen to arousing music may increase the level of excitement(Music as medicine: the impact of healing
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