The Effects Of Music On The Brain

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The human brain is said to be a very special and important organ in the human body, but what happens to it when it comes in contact with music. There are many studies on what music can do to the brain. There are negative and positive affects of music on the brain. The positive effects of music on the brain are numerous and expansive, with a heavy emphasis on focused concentration. Usually people can interpret faces based on how they feel, but with the help of music humans can see neutral faces differently. “In fact, our brains actually respond differently to happy and sad music” (Cooper). Happy music usually lets people see people in more happier ways because the person 's moods are up and lively. Whereas sad music can make someone see a face as sketchy or bad likely avoiding that person. But sometimes when people listen to sad music, they find it enjoyable because of the emotion. Music doesn’t just affect how people see but how they also think. Different levels of music can affect on how people think on a creative level. Like when people listen to higher pitch noises it can interfere with people 's creativity. Unlike soft soothing noises which embrace and strengthen people 's creativity. That 's why a lot of artists listen to soft calming music so they can create. But in this century more intense sounds in music has been known to spark the creative minds of the younger generation because that is what they have been used to hearing. Sometimes its good to listen to more
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