The Effects Of Music On The Brain

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The experiment was conducted to see if certain types of music have different effects on the brain and to see if music has a positive or negative effect. To test the experiment three different types of music were played and the control was no music. Pop, rock and classical music was used. The results were that pop was the most beneficial and rock and classical were the same. No music was the least beneficial. Introduction Many studies have proven that classical music improves your ability to solve arithmetical problems but research now shows that music you enjoy has an equal if not greater effect when using your brain (emedexpert). This paper will prove or disprove the question that different types of music have different effects on…show more content…
This would help our society because our community would produce children who were more prepared for a higher education because of music’s ability to enhance one’s ability to perform well in school. The information that was received will attempt to find out if different types of music have different effects on the brain and if yes what type is the most beneficial. The hypothesis created based off of the design of the experiment was that if a test subject listens to rock, classical and pop music while solving a math worksheet, then the subject will do the worksheet the fastest and most accurate while listening to the classical music because it is very relaxing, more so than the rock, and activates your brain to focus more rather than no music, and is not as busy and attention drawing as the pop music. Methods For this experiment the following materials were needed to gather the most accurate information: • Math worksheets • Pencil • Stop watch • Phone • Headphones/speaker • Music: Rock, Pop, Classical • Ten participants 40 Math worksheets are needed to conduct this experiment with ten participants. Each worksheet has twelve problems in each row and each row is alternating between addition and subtraction. The pencils are needed because the participants need something to wright with. Each time the test is taken the participant have 30
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