The Effects Of Music On The Heart Rate Essay

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Introduction Research Topic: Music makes up a huge part of our life and its everywhere. From the music we listen to on the radio to our favorite artist. According to Doctor Bernardi, music does have any effect on how we feel (2007). Whether it makes us happy or sad, energetic or lazy, the effects of music are observable in our everyday life. Since there is an effect of music on our mood, my investigation will be see if there is a correlation between the genre of music and the heartrate, in humans. Aim: To investigate the effects of different genres of music, such as rock music and classical music, on the heart rate? Research Hypothesis: There is a relation between different music genres and heart rate; as heavier music genres such as rock will lead to a higher heart rate than the soft classical music. Scope of the research: Investigating the different effects of music genres on the pulse. By recording the responses of each participant, as the music moves from soft genres to hard genres. Genres such as Classical and Rock but the songs of each will have different tempos to each other to get accurate results. To see if the different types of genres of music create psychological responses of the sympathetic nervous system on the heart. The research will be done most primarily and partially secondarily. THE METHOD: Take participants aged 18 and below. Make 20 participants sit down and rest in a quiet environment. After sometime take the pulse of the each participant. This pulse

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