The Effects Of Music On The Music Industry

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Nowadays many people try to convince other people that censoring music on the radio and CDs is not a right thing as censorship can hide a meaning of the song. There are a lot of different factors why many people want their songs to be the way that the songwriter writes them. But these people usually forget that there are many more factors why songs should be censored. On the other hand, people want songs to be сensored because uncensored music can highly affect young children, limit the exposure of people 's morality and some people want music to be censored because they are working in the music industry and by changing some words can help them to make more revenue.
First of all, in our days our generations keep on changing constantly. And all generations tend to listen to music, but past two generations have increased their interest to music. Especially the teenagers that can listen to music for twenty four hours and seven days a week . And as many people know, music can easily impact people and specially teenagers as most of them start undergoing puberty. So uncensored music can push teenagers to commit stupid actions, without even knowing the consequences of that action. Lloyd in his article describes what music can do to teenagers by writing “It has one appeal only, a barbaric appeal, to sexual desire-- not love, ... but sexual desire undev6eloped and untutored. It acknowledges the first emanations of children 's emerging sensuality and addresses them seriously,…
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