The Effects Of National Health Care

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The Effects of National Health Care The adoption of national healthcare in America is having a profound effect on several American institutions such as government, workplace, and hospitals. This paper will explicate contrasting citizens’ social contract with the government before the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the social contract they had with American citizens after the ACA was put into effect. Additionally, the paper will demonstrate the roles of zealots, disciples and the congregation for and against the new national healthcare movement. Lastly, this paper will parallel alternative options to national healthcare plan. Social Contract with the Government - Before and After The role of social contracts represents the…show more content…
We believe with the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, puts the government and the representatives who passed this Act, in a position in which the government has ended their enumerated powers. These powers were not to step beyond those finite by the free realm of the citizens and their voluntary institutions. You now have unlimited power from which citizens will encounter an inability to preserve their sovereignty (Krauthammer, 2012). Now that the new social contract has been established, zealots, disciples and the congregation will dichotomy their roles in the new trend of national healthcare. Players in the Movement Zealots are highly motivated, vocal, and aggressive about their position in a movement; therefore, will go to excess to express their positions through digital and social media. An example of a zealot who is expressing their position in this movement through digital means is the website, Organizing for Action. This website outlines the ACA movement as well as calling on disciples and the congregation to keep the movement alive (Organizing for Action, n.d.). Zealot Republican candidates in the statehouses are against the ACA because of paradoxes in the law; therefore, used their re-election campaigns to rally opposition of the movement (Barabak & Levey, 2015). Once the zealots from both sides offer their tactic, they begin to call on
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