The Effects Of Nativism

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During the 1860s, industrialization was booming and as a result, new jobs were created, which persuaded millions of Chinese people to immigrate to the United States. For immigrants, the U.S. represented the American Dream; an ideal that anyone can achieve success through hard work and determination. But what did the American Dream for immigrants mean for the future of everyday Americans? How would the influx of Chinese immigrants affect their opportunity, their American Dream? As a result of concerns such as these, the belief in Nativism became strongly held by the American people, which was commonly showcased through family values, private organizations, and federal laws. However, Nativism wasn’t universal. Advocates for Chinese…show more content…
At face value, this statement is declaring that the IRL is trying to gain support in order to protect America from possible immigrant threats. But underneath, there is a much more racially insensitive message being portrayed. With the inclusion of words, such as “arouse”, “necessity”, “exclusion”, “undesirable”, and “injurious”, the IRL is rather stating that they’re trying to promote irritation amongst the American people towards immigrants in order to prevent them from joining society. According to the IRL, this is a necessary means in order to uphold the façade that America is a united country and that immigrants are simply unfit for societal standards. Therefore, the IRL represents Nativism as not only an exclusionary concept, but also as a xenophobic one. Some Americans recognized the racism in Nativism and unlike the majority, advocated for Chinese immigrants. For example, Twain and Addams were public supporters of the immigration and integration of Chinese people. Twain, a 19th century author, stated in his book, Roughing It, that Chinese immigrants, rather than being menacing to the U.S., are “a harmless race when white men either let them alone or treat them no worse than dogs” (Document 4). Twain recognized the abuses that the American people
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