The Effects Of News Media On Today 's Society

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The news media’s role in today’s society is interlocked and essential to the conveying of information. The news media has access to television broadcasting and has people to go find stories to broadcast. However, as time has progressed, the news media has become more and more opinionated. Consequently, the bias of the news media in their reporting’s has tainted the opinions of the American people. By creating a strict set of laws pertaining to the reporting of news, bias within reports will have to decrease; causing a less opinionated audience, people feeling better about themselves and humanity, and the United States growth as a stronger country.
The news media in today’s world is far too opinionated. On a regular basis, the news media and other news outlets are often discussing opinions, their own opinions, and other’s opinions about stories and news reports rather than the reports themselves. During a discussion about Donald Trump’s immigration policy on August 25th, 2016, on the CNN newsroom, one of the reporters said that “we heard this shift on his immigration policy.” However, one of the other reporters defended Mr. Trump by saying. “First, let me correct the record” and goes on to do so and they argue back and forth (Person Discusses). In this report, what Donald Trump said nor any part of his speech was shared. The report was wholly opinion based. Although, the news media will share clips and snips of stories in many of their stories.
However, many news
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