The Effects Of Nomadic Culture On The Warlpiri

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Essay 1: Explain how culture shapes and gives meaning to the lives of the people described in the reading.
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The Warlpiri Relationship with Nomadic Habitus and Spirituality
The indigenous Warlpiri people of Central Australia exhibit an array of cultural beliefs that structure their lives in a way that hugely distinguishes them from modern society, granting the group a meaningful perspective into the world around them. Jackson explores the existential notion of being at home in the world, and what it signifies in a nomadic context. He focuses on cultural relationships of people to the material world and environment, as well as Warlpiri spiritual belief systems. This essay will explore the effects of nomadic culture on the Warlpiri, concentrating on how the nomadic sense of home influences their lives both physically and intellectually through short-term resource management and the Warlpiri language. Following, it will analyse the Aboriginal concept of dreaming and of ancestry, in order to express how this spiritual system of belief meaningfully affects Warlpiri spirituality, ritual behaviour, and their connection to the surrounding natural environment. Jackson’s reading will be analysed for this purpose, which follows his experiences in and around the Tanami desert with a group of Warlpiri companions.
The Warlpiri people operate nomadically in Jackson’s At Home in the World, creating a reality that differs from the standard in Central Australia. One of the

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