The Effects Of Nuclear Weapon Development On Iran

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Introduction Many international relations theorists have speculated about the effects of nuclear weapon development; while some argue that weapons of mass destruction promote peace, others believe that humanity should not have the capability to cause so much destruction. This debate has been renewed by the Iran Nuclear Deal, which involves western states placing sanctions on Iran to diminish Iran’s nuclear program. I argue that, while constructivist and liberal paradigms may hold some validity, their perspectives are too optimistic and do not consider the root of the problem—power struggle. Thus, analyzing the situation from a realist perspective is the only rational approach.

Historical Background of Iran Nuclear Deal
In recent years, countries around the world have become increasingly concerned with Iran’s nuclear weapon capabilities. Iran currently has 19,000 centrifuges that process Uranium, enough to manufacture powerful nuclear bombs that it could potentially use against western countries (Tirone). When questioned about its motive for having nuclear capabilities, Iran has insisted that it only plans to use such technology for peaceful purposes and wants to enjoy the “right” to nuclear development (Tirone). Their reasoning may be legitimate; nuclear technology may lead to cleaner, cheaper energy. However, western countries have had growing suspicions of Iran’s motives for holding nuclear capabilities due to Iran’s bellicose past. This has created tensions between Iran…

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