The Effects Of Obesity On Children And Non Minority Children

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Obesity in America is a very popular issue that has been addressed countless times. America is given the title of being lazy and fat from other people in other countries. As much fun as it is poking at useless stereotypes, it is still a very serious issue plaguing the minority children of America. Why are minority children more likely to become overweight than non-minority children? Is it based solely on genetics or are other factors involved? Not many parents are aware of their children’s increasing waistline, because some of these factors are sometimes overlooked when trying to prevent obesity from children. Most children can not make decisions by themselves without their parents, like deciding what to wear and when to go to sleep. Children should not be responsible for their bodies at a young age; they need to rely on parents to help guide them at an early age. However there are factors that can influence whether a child becomes obese or not. These influential factors, specifically to minorities in America, include ethnic cultures, socioeconomic status, and psychological factors. Ethnicities that are heavily influenced by culture can have an effect on the outlook of their children’s weight. It is evident that there is a certain aesthetic that some ethnicities tend to lean towards when it comes to body image. They may not feel concerned with an overweight child because their culture prefers their children with more fat on their bodies. The Maternal and Child Health

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