The Effects Of Obesity On Health Economics Of The United States

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This research paper explores the impact of obesity on health economics of the United States at a national level. There is a brief description on obesity and related health conditions. The topic discussion includes the prevalence of obesity and its associated medical expenditure in the present and future. It reports on how obesity as a current epidemic has affected United States. The paper’s main focus is on the total federal and state revenue utilization, in regards to obesity. It illustrates various methods of expenditures: direct medical expenses, productivity expenses, transport expenses, human capital expenses and costs for utilization of emergency rooms. It demonstrates the government’s interventions like preventive measures and promotion of health to control and stop obesity, to save the fiscal costs of healthcare. Furthermore, there is explanation on the future financial crisis that would occur if obesity is not controlled.
Keywords: Health economics, Obesity, direct medical expenses, indirect nonmedical expenses savings.
Obesity – Burden on Health Economics of the United States of America
The purpose to study the health economics of obesity in the United States is to understand it more clearly as it is one of the biggest challenges of the nation currently. Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat deposition in the body that may deteriorate health (or) risk health. (World Health Organization [WHO], 2016). Obesity is a double-edged
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