The Effects Of Obesity On People, Cancers And Type 2 Diabetes

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Introduction: Obesity has become a growing issue in the recent years and its increasing trend is now referred to as a ‘pandemic’ by many researchers and scientists. With a £3.2 billion currently estimated cost of overweight and obesity to the NHS, one can understand the growing interest in this matter. This essay is going to discuss the bad effects of obesity on people, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers and type-2 diabetes. Then, this essay will talk about the causes, and how junk food and bad diet can cause obesity. The causes of obesity are lack of exercise or inactivity and genetic genes as according to (Ebbeling, et al, (2002)), obesity can be caused due to genes, which is an unpreventable cause. Finally, this essay will give solutions for these causes and recommend some methods to prevent obesity. It is most commonly measured using a tool called Body Mass Index (BMI) that measures body fat of men and women based on their height and weight. To understand the reasons why prevention and treatment of obesity have become an urgent matter, it is essential to first examine the effects it has on health and whether its impact is limited to a particular area. Prevention and treatment methods will also need to be examined to understand their true potential and limits. Although obesity itself and the obesity related diseases are directly linked to a poorer quality of life, it has a far more dramatic impact on individuals. According to Allende and Rayner (2007), obesity

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