The Effects Of Obesity On The Levels Of Health

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Taylor Harkness 1/12/16 Mr. Balhorn’s Class Individual physical education is important on many levels of health. Being fit can have many positive outcomes in life. Two of these are decreasing risks of being ill, and the ability to get around and move easier. In our society today, physical fitness is becoming more and more rare, causing obesity and more health problems in the world. Obesity is one of the main causes for death in the United States of America. Creating eating and exercising habits as a child and young adult will transfer over into the life of an older adult. Whether these habits are good or bad, they will continue for the majority of life. If these eating and exercising habits are bad, they could possibly lead into an unstable future, causing possible life trauma to loved ones. Obesity is the number one concern from parents to their children, topping drug abuse. Two-thirds of the American population that are 20 years old or older are considered overweight or obese. Our society needs to change their eating habits or this number will rise at increasing rates. Individual physical education will help us strive as Americans to be healthy, and have a longer life span average. The fitness trail exercises are something that I can/will take into my adult life, and will proceed in my school years as well. I enjoy riding horses, volleyball, and basketball so the things I learned in gym that I didn’t already know about these helped and will help me after I graduate, if
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