The Effects Of Ocean And How It Moderates Climate

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THE EFFECTS OF OCEAN AND HOW IT MODERATES CLIMATE The ocean has existed for around 4.6 billion years after the Earth was created. It plays an essential part in order to maintain life on Earth by maintaining the habitable climate. Due to the ocean, the Earth is able to sustain moderate weather and temperature, in contrast to the moon, which has extreme temperatures. The ocean and atmosphere are tightly linked, so when one fluctuates, the other will too. For example, weather in the atmosphere can directly affect the ocean’s temperature and currents. Also, the ocean plays a critical role in storing heat where the ocean is able to absorb more heat and it will take longer time for the ocean to revert to normal. After the heat has been absorbed, the ocean currents will transport the heat and influence the climate. The ocean has a major impact on global climate because of its connection to the atmosphere and abilities to store, and transfer heat around the Earth. The atmosphere and ocean are connected and work together to transfer heat and water across the globe. In fact, the ocean can store more heat than land surfaces and thus a majority of the thermal energy is in the water. The absorption and movement of energy on earth is known as the ocean-atmosphere system (“Energy in the Ocean and Atmosphere”, n.d.). Heat transfer in the atmosphere is caused with radiation, convection, and conduction. The ocean currents help transfer heat towards the poles. Heat flows from warmer objects
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