The Effects Of Organized Sports On Children

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Organized Sports are Good to Children As the time pass, and as the technology is advancing rapidly, the tradition of playing outside is diminished rapidly. Many people are concentrating on their electronic devices in ages early as three. Sports is the most effective way that children can express their joyful and brilliance. It prepares children with advantages of physical activities, confidence, and enjoyment. Participating in organized sports when kids are young arise the greater results. There are several reasons to support that organized sports are good to children. First, organized sports are good for children because it improves social skills. Kids who are participating in team sports have full of confidence. According to Gary R. Collins who writes the Spotlight or stress, “This is especially uncomfortable and stressful when other people expect us to do one thing, when we fear that we can’t do what is expected, and we think that our inability may cause us to lose respect in the eyes of others.”((( ))) Since everyone is not perfect, sometimes they can win or lose the games. According to Collins, “Acceptance is a third divine characteristic of success.” ((( ))) At the beginning they can be afraid of losing, but it is good opportunity to have ability of accepting. They will have challenging mind and sense of purpose with more passion through experiencing many competitions. They will have high self-esteem and will be full of confidence by victories that they challenge
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