The Effects Of Overpopulation On Human Population

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Erin Williams
April 30, 2015
Edwin Accomando

Paging Captain Planet

We need a major reduction in human population, stat! Ok, maybe that’s not a viable solution, but it does beg the question; “How many people does it take to break the world?” Currently, there are a little over 7 billion people on the planet and there is already some cause for concern. Overpopulation, extreme weather, and a drought that’s causing a water shortage. Is the abundance of humans the cause or is it simply happening because it can?
Overpopulation can cause many issues for the inhabitants of the affected area as well as the planet. With more people comes more use of the planet’s resources. More wood for houses means less trees for the absorption of carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses. More cars to meet the demand of the people means more output of carbon monoxide and the depletion of the ozone layer that protects the planet from solar radiation. More solar radiation means climate shifts that affect weather patterns, agriculture, and the geographical composition of the planet. Take California for instance, the state is currently in an unprecedented drought that is threatening the state’s water supply. Is global warming the culprit? Yes and no. The drought itself may be the effect of something else because droughts have happened outside of human interference but the increasing temperatures certainly isn’t helping the situation. As stated in “Anthropogenic warming has increased
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