The Effects Of Painkiller Abuse On Athletes

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Growing up as an athlete and having to go through injuries, painkillers were just another part of the sports-world. When I was young and wasn’t able to figure out the right amount of painkillers I should take my parents would ask me, “On a scale of 1-10 what’s your pain at?” if it was an 8 or higher I would get painkillers. As I got older I was able to figure out when I needed painkillers and how much I needed, especially in high school. Student athletes would use them all the time. When I recently read an article by Jennifer Smith “Painkillers, Athletes and Addiction” it really opened my eyes and made me realize how pressured athletes are to preform and how they feel painkillers are the only way to perform at their highest level while injured. With players constantly feeling the pressure to perform while being in fear of their spot being taken. After sorting through many articles I have found that painkiller abuse is more common in athletes participating in high injury risk sports. In the beginning I searched for a topic that caught my eye in the book Sport in Contemporary Society by D. Stanley Eitzen called “Painkiller Abuse by Athletes and teams.” Over the years it has been shown that painkiller abuse has become a huge problem. Although it is not the only sport to abuse painkillers, it is more common in the NFL due to the higher risk of injury. Athletes that are at a higher level of competition have more pressure on them to perform a certain way. “Ray Lucus, a former
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