The Effects Of Parental Absence On Academic Achievement Of Adolescents

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1. Jeynes, William H. (2002). Examining the Effects of Parental Absence on the Academic Achievement of Adolescents: The Challenge of Controlling for Family Income. Journal of Family and Economic Issues 23.2, 189-210. A. The article targets the issue that how parent’s absence has a negative effect on the academic achievements of adolescents. It also discusses how it can be difficult for single-parents to manage family income. B. The article tells that when children lose a custodial parent, they go through drastic psychological and practical effects, which eventually have a negative impact on their academic achievements at school. The children do not get to have emotional stability in the house, parental involvement, and most of all fluctuating family incomes. In most cases, parental divorce and death each lead to a decline in family income which later on becomes a problem for the single-parent as they are unable to provide the children with certain products, the parents are tensed all the time which leads to them not giving time to their children. As a result, the children become emotionally stressed and fail to do academically well in school. 2. Park, H. (2008). Effects of Single Parenthood on Educational Aspiration and Student Disengagement in Korea. Demographic Research 18, 377-408. A. This study aimed to focus on the effects divorce or single parenthood might have on educational aspiration of students. Furthermore it focused on how the students that belong to
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