The Effects Of Parental Corporal Punishment On Children

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Abstract This paper will explore published recent articles that talks about young children and their eyes being glued to screens. Many articles have different purposes of why children are so addict to an in motion screen, but Marcia Eckerd found the problem and solution to why this is a number one cause in our world today. There are creative ways in children that makes their mind wonder in a way to pay more attention to what is going on in the community and how to learn from it. Technology can be a pro and con of letting your child learn their way through life through a screen. Some parents enjoy letting their kids sit down all day and watch a screen but most want their children to be active so they have to set rules. Although there’s…show more content…
With perception is the oldest and most fundamental discipline, which is discovered with lawful relations between environmental events and subjective experience. Developmental psychologists have found that infants can create theories of the way the world works with some sound and movement. They 've also looked at the ages at which children begin to learn theories from what they see and hear from television or video games. Marcia Eckerd article is mainly trying to figure out why the new generation of children is so addicted to technology and not being involved in outside activities. What’s wrong with playing at the park, running around or even playing sports? Are the children getting more lazy generation after generation? Sources say 64% of babies between the ages of 1-2 watch television and play videos games for more than over 2 hours everyday. Understanding the fact that 1 or 2 year olds can’t do much outside but as they grow to be entertained with videos the more they get used to just sitting around. This type of research is done multiple ways, for example, surveys. Surveys are usually based on other people opinions and tallied up to see what can out win the others. Taking a survey on why younger children are obsessed with screens can vary from what they like to do the most. For example, playing video games or going to the park, playing video games will win only because there’s always a new game coming out with better graphics to catch an eye. This kind
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