The Effects Of Parental Drug Misuse Affecting Families Essay

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Research Assessment Search Strategy Our group worked as a team and narrowed it down to two papers, however we came to a group decision to choose the final paper as it met the criteria and it was easy to understand. We choose the paper as we discussed as a group the different area’s we had experience in and came to a majority decision that the vast majority of us had either worked with children or had experience in the drugs and alcohol sector. We used Google Scholar to locate the article – we entered “How substance abuse affects children in families” and “The effects of parental drug misuse affecting families”. This piece of research includes primary research as qualitative interviews were taking place as part of conducting the research. The article is a UK based paper that was conducted in 2010. Introduction The piece of research we chose as a group is called “Parents who use drugs: Accounting for damage and its limitation” and it was conducted by 3 different researchers – Tim Rhodes, Sarah Bernays and Kathrin Houmoller in London. The overall purpose of this particular piece of research is to identify the overall affects parental drugs misuse has on children and the family as a whole. The research looks at the affects this has on the child’s behaviour, the attachment between the child and the primary caregiver, the household stability and how the child is being cared for. The UK has the highest recorded statistics of individuals abusing drugs and records show that the
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