The Effects Of Parental Incarceration On Children Essay

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The growing numbers of the prison population are accompanied by an equally large number of children with incarcerated parents. The relevance of this topic is particularly pronounced remembering that the needs of children are not considered in the issue of judicial hearings. According to Nesmith and Ruhland (2008) , the primary consequences related to the relationship between parent incarceration and adverse outcomes in children are born from the loss of contact. The research explored in this writing illustrates the significant focus on the varying views regarding the impact of maternal and paternal incarceration. Research on the views of children on the issue, long term effects as well as health implications is considered.
Views of the Victims
The bulk of research on the topic of parental incarceration has the weakness of overlooking the perspectives of the victims themselves. The conventional approach as demonstrated by Wildeman and Turney (2014) is to recruit the contributions of teachers and caregivers in determining behavioral changes in children after the imprisonment of their parents. The result is data that fails to capture the true feelings and thoughts of the victims on the issue (Nesmith & Ruhland, 2008). To address this challenge Nesmith and Ruhland (2008) explore the topic of parental incarceration by giving the victims a voice. The data from the study is taken from a sample of children affected by parental incarceration. The study sought to determine the
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