The Effects Of Parental Involvement On Academic Achievement

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Significance of Study
The scope of this research is to impart imminent knowledge characterizing hindrances and impediments that avert parents from participating in their child’s education process. Parents and educators will be asked to articulate their perceptions and mindset by clearly defining parental involvement while identifying perceived psychological, emotional, and physical barriers that inhibits parents from becoming stakeholders in the school climate. This study may assist impoverished, rural schools in decreasing and possibly eliminating visible academic disparities. This study may also assist educators, school leaders, and community stakeholders in high poverty, rural communities in understanding the cultures, norms, and attitudes associated with poverty that are contributing factors to the lack of parental involvement often constraining the academic success and achievement of the child. The study may also serve as a model for others so they can actively engage parents in taking a participatory role throughout the educational progress of their children.
The review of the literature, for this research proposal, found that minimal parent engagement in the educational process has adverse effects on academic achievement, especially for those students attending a high poverty, rural school. Though, limited research has been conducted from the secondary education perspective using the poverty theory as a guiding principle. The proposed research of Examination of
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