The Effects Of Parental Involvement On Student 's Attendance Rate

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A. Share something that you learner from the webcast that was new to you. Then, talk about ways that you see yourself using that information within your school setting. The webcast was very informative. A few factors that were shared never crossed my mind as being influential in regards to parental involvement. The webcast suggested that the student’s attendance rate was greatly influenced by the involvement of their parents in their educational process. However, this statement makes sense, but it’s never crossed my mind. The webcast also shared that a student’s attitude towards their educational endeavors was also a direct relationship with the degree of parental involvement in the student’s education. Subsequently, the webcast also shared that the more parental involvement the student has from their family; the chances of experiencing discipline problems decrease. It’s amazing how the involvement of the parents can cause a student to have such a positive disposition towards their education. Parental involvement shows the students that the parents are serious regarding their educational career; as a result it makes the student more accountable for their education. The webcast also shed some light on the phrase “parental involvement. At first glance, most people simply think that parents volunteering, sending in school supplies, attending PTA meeting, taking part in parent teacher conferences sufficed as parental involvement. However, this is not the case at all. Parental
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