The Effects Of Parental Parenting On Children

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Parenting 101 In the world there is no such thing as a bad child, just a bad parent who did not teach their child to be a respectful person. Strict parenting is essential to having a mature and respectful child. For instance when a child is misbehaving towards the parent. Authoritative parents raise independent children, as the child grows the parents teach them have self-control when it comes to making decisions. Opponents of extreme parenting argue that aggressive parenting affects the child and can damage their character. Extreme parenting affects a child because it teaches them to be responsible, independent, and encourages high self-esteem as they grow older. Every child should be responsibility for their actions. “Most US parents abdicate their responsibility for discipline and instead focused on being liked by their children.” (Extreme Parenting). When a child makes a bad decision, whether it was misbehaving at home or misbehaving at school the child should be held responsible for their actions. Strict parenting teaches children to be responsible with their belongings. The director of academic affairs wrote that children are motivated by external factors, such as money or prizes (Responsibility). A professor at the University of Minnesota did analyzation and found that young adults who began chores at the ages of 3 and 4, were more likely to have good relationships with family and friends and are at a higher rate to achieve academic success. Authoritative parents
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