The Effects Of Parental Supervision On Adolescents And Young Adults

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In general females are held to different sexual standards than men. When females hook up or have one-night stands, such conduct is frowned upon. Females who hook up or participate in the booty calls generally have lower self-esteem. Where did males prefer hook ups as an oppose to traditional dating. Interpersonal dating relationships start with adolescents and young adults. This age range is where trial and error relationship lessons are learned. I chose the topic of perceptions of traditional dating and hook ups among adolescents and young adults, to bring awareness to the foundation of relationships and sexual activates trending in today’s youth. The impact of the lack of parental supervision when students go off to college can create both positive and negative out comes for young adults, especially with the involvement of drugs and alcohol can create the ideal environment for random sexual hookups. Because there is a considerable amount of young adults who are participating in these casual sexual experiences some may assume this is the sole reason for marriage later in life. More research needs to follow the age of which teenagers start to participate in today’s hookup culture, and the factors of making hooking up more available with the use of applications such as Tinder. Studies show that the number one perceived risk of traditional dating at 42.00% is that traditional dating is an investment of feelings and there is a potential of getting hurt. Where as men’s top
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