The Effects Of Parenting On Children 's Life

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Kimberly Knick
SOWK 541

Research Proposal Paper
Over the last several decades researchers have been questioning the effects of parenting (both mother and father) on children 's lives. With the changing of the home environment an emphasis has been put on researching how “father involvement” impacts a child. The Purpose for this proposal is to determine if having an involved father has a positive affect on a child 's outcome in life. The individuals who will be included in this study are both fathers (noncoresidential and coresidential) and their children. The method of data collection will be through interviews and children 's assessments. This study with be a mix-method study as to show
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This will assist the father 's in becoming more involved thus causing a positive impact on a child 's life and bettering the child 's well-being for future betterment. Definition of Terms: The following is a list of terms and their definitions found through out this paper:
1. Father Involvement: The degree in which a father partakes in his child 's life
2. Parent Involvement: The degree in which both parents are involved with the child
3. Home Environment: Is the environment in which the child lives
4. Coresident: Father who resides with the child
5. Noncoresident: Father who does not reside with child
6. Child Development: Is the growth of the child during different stages of life in set domains
Literature Review: Father Involvement is when a father is involved with his child in all aspects of that child 's life. This type of father will be connected with his child on all developmental levels. Throughout the past decades the question has been ask what factors affect a child 's outcome in life? Research has studied many factors; environment, culture, nurturing, and etc. Although many factors are looked at researchers tend to have a great interest in one particular factor, the involvement of fathers. Along with the factors three
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